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Tall����r 2016

2016 Triumph Thruxton R bike review

The Thruxton R is the latest all-new Triumph to join a reinvigorated range of Modern Classics. According to our Jon Quirk, its blend of retro style and modern ...

2016-07-29 05:14 197,357 YouTube

2016 Honda CBR500R First Ride & Review! The best beginner motorcycle?!

Looking for the perfect beginner motorcycle? Something with the supersport looks but much better to learn how to ride a motorcycle? The 2016 Honda ...

2017-07-19 14:08 99,084 YouTube

Cars for Tall People 2

Last year, we made a video showing you some of the best and worst cars for the very tall! This year we bring you "Cars for Tall People 2". 6'5" (196 cm) Cody ...

2016-11-19 06:15 929,616 YouTube


by matthew volz / thanks Audrey Del Piccolo, (SUZI CRIME CHEESE) Mac, Yuki, Matt Fishbeck.and MOULTY!

2016-05-23 01:34 2,280 YouTube

2016 Triumph Speed Triple R * The Answer * Ride & review

Description The 2016 Triumph Speed Triple R. This motorcycle is the perfect recipe for those that don't want what the 1290 Super Duke or the S1000R bring.

2016-04-09 07:48 93,142 YouTube

Mark Hamill Provides 'Proof' He's Tall Enough to Be A Stormtrooper

Audiences were aware that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo went undercover to rescue Princess Leia on the Death Star, but she wasn't aware, causing her first line wh...

2017-09-15 00:31 53,133 Dailymotion

Arctic Weather? Freezing Water? Tall Cliffs? Perfect!

Cliff jumping in freezing cold temperatures? Sounds like a bad idea, probably is a bad idea. Still, that doesn't stop NoahMouth and his buddies from jumping of...

2018-01-09 01:49 27,642 Dailymotion

Trejsi tall BOSS-in


2018-04-28 00:06 10,428 Dailymotion

Juria u tall keq me veshjen e tij, ndërsa ai përloti dhe ngriti gjithë publikun në këmbë

Juria u tall keq me veshjen e tij, ndërsa ai përloti dhe ngriti gjithë publikun në këmbë...

2017-02-17 06:18 56,265 Dailymotion