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The Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You 1965 STEREO

All 3 of The Seekers' 60s TV specials, including this song & 47 others are available on one DVD ...

2016-07-09 03:03 18,104,939 YouTube

The Seekers - I Am Australian, Georgy Girl, Waltzing Matilda, (Live, 1994, + Aus National Anthem!)

The complete performance from the AFL Grand Final in 1994, including the National Anthem, 'Advance, Australia Fair', at the end. A studio version of this by The ...

2010-08-22 11:43 4,385,497 YouTube

The Seekers 25 year Reunion Concert Complete. ( EMI copyrighted content removed )

PLEASE NOTE My first video upload of The Seekers 25 Year Reunion Concert is being blocked from being viewed in the following countries: Bermuda, Canada, ...

2012-03-29 18:15 2,421,147 YouTube

The Seekers - Georgy Girl (1967 - Stereo)

Back in 1967, when The Seekers returned home to Australia for a visit, little did they know that their free concert at the Myer Music Bowl in their home town of ...

2011-11-05 02:37 20,378,448 YouTube

The Seekers The Carnival Is Over (1967 In Colour Stereo)

The Seekers The Carnival Is Over 1967 In Colour.

2010-06-13 03:03 11,916,609 YouTube

Northern Lights-seekers putting own lives at risk, say Iceland police

Police in Iceland say too many tourists put themselves at risk searching for the Northern Lights, whose spectacular streaks of color light up the winter skies....

2019-01-14 00:20 1 Dailymotion

Javid was 'right' to question credibility of asylum seekers

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP says Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP was "right" to want to ensure the system of seeking asylum in the UK isn't "abused". While ...

2019-01-03 01:13 12 Dailymotion

British Home Secretary questions whether migrants are genuine asylum seekers

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid questions whether migrants who cross the English Channel from France are genuine asylum seekers...

2019-01-02 00:27 18 Dailymotion

UK Minister: Genuine asylum seekers should stay in France

Visiting UK Border staff in Dover following an increase in asylum seekers attempting to reach Britain in small boats, Home Secretary Sajid Javid says that if as...

2019-01-03 00:48 0 Dailymotion

For asylum seekers, wait continues on US-Mexico border

Many asylum seekers have been assigned numbers and are waiting for their turn to speak with authorities at the border....

2019-01-01 02:37 3 Dailymotion