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Interviewing with Lazard Financial Advisory in the US

Our people talk about the interview process for Lazard's US Financial Advisory business: what to expect; what we're looking for; and what you can do to prepare. Learn more: www.lazard.com/ca

2017-08-18 02:08 3,266 YouTube

Starting a Career at Lazard

Learn what makes Lazard's Financial Advisory business a great place to start your career: our apprenticeship model, small supportive teams, and as much responsibility as you can handle. Lear

2017-09-11 02:28 2,936 YouTube

The Keystone Kops of Valuation: Lazard, Evercore and the TSLA/SCTY Deal

When Tesla announced its intent to buy Solar City, Elon Musk was exposed to charges of conflict of interest, since he controlled both companies. The boards of the two companies, aware of the

2016-09-07 24:29 12,715 YouTube

Lazard U.K. CEO Sees Tech as Busiest Sector in M&A

Nov.20 -- William Rucker, chief executive officer at Lazard U.K., discusses the state of the global M&A market and the latest trends in activist investing. He speaks with Bloomberg's Ruth Da

2017-11-20 03:15 365 YouTube

Poerio Says Lazard Pay Structure May Attract Top Talent: Video

Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Poerio, co-chair of the executive compensation practice at law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker about Lazard Ltd.'

2012-03-23 03:25 2,935 YouTube

Laurent Lazard Fondateur L. Lazard-Partners Consulting : "La France peut avoir en effet un rôle à jouer".

La tension n’a jamais été aussi vive sans doute en Corée, la Corée du Nord multipliant les essais de missiles au dessus du Japon, défiant ainsi la commun...

2017-12-28 06:04 7 Dailymotion

Laurent Lazard, un guerrero del Dakar

Lazard se rompe dos costillas y no abandona...

2017-01-06 01:42 168 Dailymotion

2°4b du lycée simon lazard de sarreguemines


2009-01-17 05:06 237 Dailymotion

ISU Football- Allen Lazard on punt returning

ISU Football- Allen Lazard on punt returning...

2015-09-06 00:42 0 Dailymotion

2°4b du lycée simon lazard de sarreguemines


2009-01-17 01:42 351 Dailymotion