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Derek Hale Sound

Stiles, Derek and their daughter - Safe and Sound [AU]

HD IS YOUR BFF I advise, there is mpreg and two males that raise a kiddo. If you don't like this, don't watch this ^^ Basically, Stiles is pregnant -in the ...

2016-12-12 00:59 5,116 YouTube

Teen Wolf Derek Hale & Stiles relationship

Find me - Sigma.

2016-11-14 02:35 876 YouTube

Ian Bohen - "I am the Alpha. I've always been the Alpha" at NemetonItaCon

Ian Bohen acts Peter Hale's quote "I am the Alpha. I've always been the Alpha" at Nemeton Ita Con. Rome (Italy) - December 20th 2014 with Jr Bourne.

2014-12-22 00:47 162,977 YouTube

Derek Hale teen wolf /Subliminal/Frequency/

affirmations : I Now Develop And Manifest Heightened Senses All My Senses Are Becoming Heightened I Have Heightened Senses I can hear anything as long ...

2017-09-18 01:51 749 YouTube

Derek & Stiles | just derek

I had some manips that I still hadn't used and decided to tell a story. Hope you like it :) Coloring: not mine saved as 2k#6 and panicontherise Links: Ask me ...

2016-03-12 03:10 32,485 YouTube

Teen Wolf Season 4 Kate Argent And Derek Hale Kissing Scene


2015-02-11 00:55 2,995 Dailymotion

Derek Hale. ♥ Im the alpha now. Teen Wolf.

This video content owned by Viacom and Viacom International Inc so sexy Derek :) Song :...

2016-03-09 04:04 169 Dailymotion

Derek Hale // Invincible

Derek Hale // Invincible...

2015-07-10 02:17 103 Dailymotion

Derek Hale | Impossible

Derek Hale | Impossible...

2015-07-02 02:20 106 Dailymotion

Derek Hale // Bring Me Back To Life

Derek Hale // Bring Me Back To Life...

2015-08-14 02:37 319 Dailymotion