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Christian Kane The Blues Song

Christian Kane in Love Song

The Blues song from the start of the movie :)

2012-09-15 01:19 5,380 YouTube

Christian Kane - Thinking Of You

Christian Kane sings the song THINKING OF YOU which he wrote with Blair Daly. This song was featured on the TNT television series LEVERAGE with Christian ...

2010-07-20 03:41 1,512,473 YouTube

Christian Kane - The House Rules

Christian Kane sings the song THE HOUSE RULES which he wrote with Blair Daly. This song was produced by Bob Ezrin & Jimmie Lee Sloas. It will be on ...

2010-01-22 03:50 678,145 YouTube

The House Rules - Christian Kane blues cover

http://lisarobbinyoung.com/300songs is the place to go to hear more from the #300songs project. http://lisarobbinyoung.com/events for upcoming show info.

2014-11-01 03:20 184 YouTube

Mighty Sam McClain - When The Hurt Is Over

Soul Survivor From Mighty Sam McClain's "Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues" - available at ...

2013-11-23 08:05 24,995,017 YouTube

xtina christian kane


2006-02-18 03:06 2,714 Dailymotion

christian kane


2010-01-02 04:05 816 Dailymotion

Stone Cold/HHH/Edge/Christian Vs Undertaker/Kane/Hardys

WWF Monday Night Raw 2001 April 23, Denver, Colorado WWF Champion Stone Cold tags with the Game, Edge and Christian against Matt and Jeff Hardy, and the Brother...

2007-07-30 12:34 29,881 Dailymotion

RAW (2004): Kane kidnaps Lita/Christian attacks Jericho

It's all go on the highlight reel as Lita is kidnapped by Kane and tied up in the basement and Y2J is attacked by Christian and Tomko and then embarresed once a...

2009-05-22 13:03 30,173 Dailymotion

RVD & Jeff Hardy Dudley Boyz Vs Christian & Jericho Vs Kane


2007-06-23 15:03 15,361 Dailymotion