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Blind Commentary Tarzan

Blind Commentary - Tarzan

00:32 to skip the intro. Own Tarzan Yourself: ...

2013-10-16 29:34 132,718 YouTube

The 2nd HFC Disneython [#23: Tarzan] (AUDIO COMMENTARY)

Hey all and welcome to The 2nd HFC Disneython - a month long marathon of audio commentaries focusing on some of Disney's best (and worst) films! We've ...

2016-12-23 22:44 1,711 YouTube

Blind Commentary - The Jungle Book (2016)

Fires out for Louie. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Atticus.

2016-08-30 45:55 35,408 YouTube

Blind Commentary - Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

King Candy should have just been named The Mad Hatter.

2014-03-09 41:43 426,997 YouTube

Blind Commentary - The Lion King

01:07 to skip the intro. Own The Lion King Yourself: ...

2013-10-13 29:33 272,709 YouTube

Tarzan Untamed (PS2, Gamecube) Walkthrough PART 7 [No commentary] (7/7)

My recording messed during the ending sorry....

2012-11-21 06:38 109 Dailymotion

Tarzan Untamed (PS2, Gamecube) Walkthrough PART 4 [No commentary] (4/7)

In this part I go back to previous levels to collect more films. I also got more in the surfing level, but didn't record since it took more than one try....

2012-11-29 11:52 112 Dailymotion

[Blind Commentary] Adventure Time - Episodes 101-104

My blind commentary reaction to episodes 101-104 of Adventure Time: The Hard Easy, Reign of Gunters, I Remember You and The Lich. So Simon originally found the...

2017-09-17 54:45 5,875 Dailymotion