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Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun Of Mankind

Video Footage: KCTV Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun Of Mankind Today the entire Korean people and other world progressive humankind are significantly marking the ...

2010-03-16 04:49 79,134 YouTube

The Era of Kim Jong Il

English Narration From the Korean Documentary "Always Working Together for the People" from 1994 The song is "Our Leader" (우리 수령님) ...

2012-04-01 06:43 28,149 YouTube

Kim Il Sung's brilliant solution to the continuity of Leadership

English Narration First part of the famous North Korean documentary: "Always working together for the people" from 1994 "I am very satisfied that Comrade Kim ...

2013-02-25 04:12 25,709 YouTube

President Kim Il Sung's last Instructions

English Narration Last part of the documentary: "The Year 1994 of The Great Career" The Last Speech that the Great Father of the Socialist Homeland Made ...

2013-07-16 08:29 272,032 YouTube