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October Surprise: News Events that Influence the Outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election

In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. ...

2012-08-09 26:57 26,378 YouTube

Governors, Senators, Diplomats, Jurists, Vice President of the United States (1950s Interviews)

Interviewees: John Sherman Cooper, politician, jurist, and diplomat from the U.S. state of Kentucky Herbert O'Conor, a Democrat, was the 51st Governor of ...

2012-10-07 40:40 25,431 YouTube

Our Miss Brooks: Deacon Jones / Bye Bye / Planning a Trip to Europe / Non-Fraternization Policy

Our Miss Brooks is an American situation comedy starring Eve Arden as a sardonic high school English teacher. It began as a radio show broadcast from 1948 ...

2012-10-31 53:17 64,448 YouTube

Point Sublime: Refused Blood Transfusion / Thief Has Change of Heart / New Year's Eve Show

Clifford Charles "Cliff" Arquette (December 27, 1905 -- September 23, 1974) was an American actor and comedian, famous for his TV role as Charley Weaver.

2012-10-20 32:58 45,823 YouTube

The Great Gildersleeve: Leroy's Paper Route / Marjorie's Girlfriend Visits / Hiccups

The Great Gildersleeve (1941--1957), initially written by Leonard Lewis Levinson, was one of broadcast history's earliest spin-off programs. Built around ...

2012-09-16 29:18 205,260 YouTube

Jizz in My Pants (spanish subs)

Jizz in My Pants con subtítulos en español.Primer single del album debut de The Lonely Island, "INCREDIBAD". A la venta a partir de 10/02/2009.En el vídeo ap...

2013-02-18 02:32 12,601 Dailymotion

Professor i HPV-vaccine-debat: De mest GMO & klima-skeptiske er ofte også de mest videnskabelig adrætte

Udsagn omtalt i videoens titel starter: 11:32 (Sendt d. 24. april 2017 i Deadline på DR2) Medvirkende: Christian Freitag (formand, PLO), Bente Klarlund Pederse...

2017-05-25 20:26 42 Dailymotion