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Como declarar el PDT PLAME 2018 - Sunat

Tutorial bien explicado de como declarar el PDT PLAME 2018.

2018-01-12 14:14 84,161 YouTube

como llenar planilla electrónica - PDT Plame

2017-08-31 10:14 25,613 YouTube

Planilla Electrónica - PLAME

PLAME v2.0 - Continúa leyendo aquí: http://aulacontable-paccelly.blogspot.pe/2011/12/pdt-planilla-electronica-plame.html Video Tutorial que explica la forma ...

2011-12-07 19:07 362,678 YouTube

Como imprimir las boletas de pago del PLAME 2018 - Sunat

Tutorial para sabes como imprimir las boletas de pago y remuneraciones de los trabajadores a través del PDT PLAME 2018.

2018-01-14 04:25 22,680 YouTube

Valerie Plame On What Trump Is Really Up To With Pardon

Trump's message is clear: perjury is fine. I'll pardon you. Don't tell the truth to the FBI. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Maz Jobrani, and Bill Press, hosts of The ...

2018-04-14 06:55 118,859 YouTube

Ex-CIA Agent Valerie Plame: What Does Trump Know About Foreign Affairs?

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame joins Larry with her take on the Iran nuclear deal and questions Donald Trump's Foreign Affairs credentials. Then, will he or...

2015-08-21 28:30 10 Dailymotion

Paul Krugman, Valerie Plame, Russell Simmons: Books (2007) part 2/2

Paul Krugman, Valerie Plame, Russell Simmons: Books (2007)...

2017-04-16 36:04 1 Dailymotion

Plame Outed As Non-Covert CIA Employee

Plame Outed As Non-Covert CIA Employee...

2015-07-06 00:16 0 Dailymotion

How to plaME' from - LoZ Breat


2017-05-30 04:22 838 Dailymotion

Valerie Plame Wilson Wants to Buy Twitter and Ban Trump From It

Valerie Plame Wilson is planning to take President Trump off twitter by buying a chunk of the social media platform. Veuer's Maria Mercedes Galuppo (@mariamgalu...

2017-11-22 01:23 5 Dailymotion