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Louane - JOUR 1 (vidéo officielle)

Louane - JOUR 1 (Vidéo Officielle) 1er album "Chambre 12" disponible : http://louane.lnk.to/AlbumCh12 Réservez vos places pour le concert inédit au cinéma les 24 et 25 septembre : http:/

2014-03-21 03:43 68,462,456 YouTube

酥炸肉扒配薯仔沙律 - 布拉格 Schnitzel with Potato Salad - Prague

啱啱去咗歐洲三個禮拜過聖誕。第一站我哋就去咗捷克嘅布拉格。今集就整一個喺中歐國家好常食到嘅菜式。 Just got back from a Euro trip. Our plane lan

2017-12-28 11:25 112,016 YouTube

英式豬肉卷 - 點解會結婚 Mini Sausage Rolls - Marriage

今日整一個喺寄宿學校食到嘔嘅嘢,同埋講吓點解會想結婚。 Sausage roll is a very common snack in Britain and Australia, and I'll be making a mini version. Today's top

2017-06-20 08:26 207,395 YouTube

港式雞批 - 快樂投資 Hong Kong Style Chicken Pot Pie - My Best Investment

送給蕭叔叔的情書,同埋講下邊似投資係最精神。 A Chicken Pot Pie recipe as requested by Uncle Siu, and in this episode I'll be sharing my best investment to date. 餡料.

2017-11-28 10:28 136,112 YouTube

雞絲粉皮 - 四大天王 Shredded Chicken in Peanut Sauce - My Favourite Singers

今集整一個涼拌野:雞絲粉皮,再講下我最喜愛的男歌手。 In this episode I'll be making a cold Chinese appetiser Shredded Chicken in Sesame Sauce, and today's topic is.

2017-09-23 08:37 155,852 YouTube

_quot_Le voyage dans la lune_quot_ - George M茅li猫s

georges méiès...

2008-04-16 08:20 28 Dailymotion

Tchami vs Robin S vs ILL Phill - Show me Siaw (PBH & Jack Shizzle's Private Edit)

Check out our channel playlist, leave your like and sign up !! Follow us on our social networks Facebook Staff: https://www.facebook.com/fagner.henrique1 Sound...

2017-02-08 04:12 24 Dailymotion

Pimp Your Life with GTA 5's Ill-Gotten Gains Update

Rob shows you how to pimp out your lifestyle with the new Ill-Gotten Gains update for Grand Theft Auto V.Visit all of our channels:Features & Reviews - http://w...

2017-11-15 02:48 102 Dailymotion

Beyond Scared Straight - S 9 E 9 - St. Clair, Ill. - Lexi's Lockup Lash-Out

Beyond Scared Straight - S 9 E 9 - St. Clair, Ill. - Lexi's Lockup Lash-Out...

2016-11-09 49:53 2,983 Dailymotion