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[Freezing AMV] Shatter Me

2015-02-01 540 13 65,138 YouTube

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Download Link: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=197638 This video was shown in Anime Expo 2015 Pre-show for the AMV contest. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!! well its alittle early but I wanted to get this up already for you especially since you have been down in the dumps lately. I hope you enjoy this. I mixed your to loves, Lindsey Stirling and Freezing or i should say rattle :p I know you don't care to much for the chick singing in this song. But I couldnt get the one with just Lindsey Stirling and this version to really work together. I'm sorry :( Now about the video. So one NEW record! This is the longest freezing video I have made so far. I had a lot of fun on this video. Although those who know me, heard me raging last night. at around 1:06 and 2:16 those crazy beats I had NO IDEA what to do. So I hope what I put was ok. There was a lot of experimenting with pan/zoom effects, camera motions, blurs, flares, and so on and what not. I bet those who saw xDieguito "Superhuman" Amv will recognize one flare I did. I tried to see if i could do it. And I told him I copied it. :p Except mine didnt come out as sexy as his. But it was a new experiment. I am kinda surprised didnt really do much masking this time :O Just noticed that. I did add some color corrections to try and blend it all together and make it look even prettier. Normally I don't but since I worked with my bluray rips and the second season. I figured better do it. I am not very good with effects so I hope I did a good job on this one :)