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Sailor Moon Song - Ai wo Shinjiteru (Believe in Love)

2011-04-06 537 12 109,052 YouTube
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Written by Takeuchi Naoko Composed by Arisawa Takanori Arranged by Allie Watz, Kaji Makoto Performed by Mitsuishi Kotono/Eternal Sailor Moon Romanization and translation by William Braell Lyrics: Oozora hirogeta mugen no tsubasa Hikari matotte ima habatakou Ashita e... Anata no mune kao uzumete ato Sukoshi isasete ne Onna no ko de irareru hodo hora Okubyou ni naru no konna ni Dakedo Muzan na shiuchi yurusenai no Massugu ni hitomi wo muke (Justice) Hitori da keredo Oozora tobitatsu no Tsubasa ippai Chikara abite SHIRUBA MUUN KURISUTARU PAWAA Yuuki ataete ne Tatakau koto ga Ai no akashi to shinjite Anata no mune natsukashi koe Tooku tatakau no hitori hanarete Daremo Shini yuku koto yurusanai kara Massugu ni kao wo agete (Justice) Yume o shinjiteru Minna o shinjiteru Tsubasa ippai Yuuki mitashite SHIRUBA MUUN KURISUTARU PAWAA Daremo hitori ni shinai Tatakau koto ga Ai no riyuu to shinjite Eien no yume Mitsumete ne MOON Shiruba Muun Kurisutaru Pawaa Dare mo hitori ja nai Ai wo shinjiteru Unmei no kizuna Ikuokusenman no toki wo koete yuku Shimpi no kiseki de Watashi no mune tsutsunde Translate: Clad in light, on wings spread to the Infinite heavens, let's fly off now, Off to tomorrow.... Just let me bury my face in your chest, For a little while longer, all right? Look! I am becoming such a coward That I'm being like a little girl about this, But I cannot forgive their cruel behavior. I am turning my eyes straight towards Justice! I am just one person, but, Flying into the heavens, Fill my wings Full of power, Silver Moon Crystal Power You'll give me the courage, won't you? Believe that my fighting is Proof of my love. Separated from your breast, far from your dear voice, I am carrying on the fight alone. I will not permit anyone To go and die, so I am raising my face straight towards Justice! I believe in our dream. I have faith in everyone. Fill my wings Full of courage, Silver Moon Crystal Power No one tries to be alone. Believe that my fighting Has the motive of love. Moon is fixing her eyes on an eternal dream Silver Moon Crystal Power No one exists alone; I believe in our love. The bonds of our destiny are Crossing over eons of time, and, By some mysterious miracle, Are binding up my heart.